Iflc (International Festival of Language & Culture)


International Language and Culture Festival is the biggest international cultural organization for junior groups who are 12 to 16-year-old students from all around the world. Each year, the number of participants has increased. In 2014, the 12th annual festival had 1800 students who attended from 155 countries. While the first eleven annual final was held in Turkey, the twelfth final was held in Romania and Ethiopia. The closing ceremony was organized in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2014.

The ‘International Culture Festival’ provides a platform for networking and building relationships with different communities. This event allows students to display their flags and cultural features and interact with other cultures to gain a better understanding.

As Ronaki Hawler, we attend this festival every year and represent the cultural prosperity of Iraq and Kurdistan with our students and teachers.

Students of Ronaki Hawler have been winning gold medals in singing competitions for years and they have been introducing their cultures with their songs to more than 150 countries. Saya Harbi (Kerkuk), Saya Latif (Erbil), Dahat Muhlis (Soran), Yadigar Muhammed (Erbil), Geylan Tahir (Erbil), Mustafa Suphi (Kirkuk) and Keja Havta (Erbil) have been the pride of Iraq and Kurdistan during the past five years with the gold medals they have won.

In addition, our students have performed folk dances, poems and special talent shows and exhibited Iraqi and Kurdish cultures. Our students have always been successful in the technical parts of the competition and they use this success in their academic lives as well.

Iraq and Kurdistan hospitality and stands, where local delicacies like ‘Gezo’ and ‘Basrah lemon’ are served and appreciated by visitors for many years.

Brotherhood is strengthened in these organizations and our students make new friends as they introduce their own culture to the world.





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